Cooperative Solar Energy Smart Grid

SolarIoT is an application for efficient cooperation in the investment, construction, and peer to peer transactions of energy smart-grid systems. By using Smart Contracts and Distributed Computation on the Ethereum Blockchain we allow anyone interested in solar energy to participate regardless of finances or location.

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Making Solar Energy Participation Available for all.

SolarIot lets users to pool into solar projects and volunteer their property as solar project building sites, allowing anyone to invest and participate in solar energy regardless of finances or location .

Climate Change has become one of the most pressing issues of our time; however, many people are unable to participate in solar energy either because they can't afford it, they can't build panels on their property, or their state's tax laws are not supportive of solar energy.

Pool into solar projects or fund projects entirely

Submit your property as a project building site for others to invest in

Project owners can sell locally generated solar energy back to the property owner and grid using  SOLA on the Ethereum blockchain

Our Solution

Buy and Sell clean energy. Or, store it for high peak times when energy is higher. An incentivized market powered by supply and demand for energy.

From a small apartment to large urban cities, SolarIoT is scalable to billions of users around the world.

Our Software is Free and Open Source. Always. No DRM. No Alternative Facts. We provide APIs to make it easy to interact with energy and the grid.

By building our token on the Ethereum Blockchain and utilizing Smart Contracts we can cut out the middlemen from peer to peer transactions, increase security and user protection, and increase transaction speeds, while simultaneously lowering transaction fees. Smart Contracts will keep all parties accountable and transparent, preventing abuse and dishonesty. Energy is sold on the blockchain to other nodes on the network through the token to buy kWh credits at a price. Investors will be able to keep track of their projects by locking in smart contracts to each node.

Our solution is a p2p blockchain energy grid, which allows individuals to Buy and Sell Energy to others in a fully open marketplace on the Ethereum Blockchain, where prices are cheap and energy is abundant. 

Investment Platform

We want to change the economy at scale by providing everyone with opportunities to viable funding. 

1. Users submit and negotiate projects and hardware with contractors

2. Smart Contract Published and Open to Investment

3. Solar Panels installed by contractors

4. Energy Sold Back to property owner as profit to investors


Initial Launch

Release our investment platform through IOS and Android using PayPal for energy transactions.


Finish token Dev and Crowdsale ICO

Build our SolCredit token and Smart Contracts with Distributed Computation on the Ethereum Blockchain. 


Launch on Ethereum

Main Blockchain

The First Ever Energy Tx will take place, opening the world to a better and brighter future with SolarIoT


Expand Supported Locations


Start building projects around the country increase number of suppliers.

Global Demo Day 2017

Featured in

Transitioning the world to solar energy by reducing barriers to entry.

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